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Pre-Service Plan
The Pre-Service Plan is for newly hired directors or teachers that do not meet the qualification for the position. Please review the requirements below before processing. A listing of state required trainings are described here.


Newly Hired: Semester credit hours (college coursework) Training hours Time period to complete
Child Care Center Director 6 36 12 months
Child Care Center Non-Certificated Teacher 3 45 6 months
School-Age Center Non-Certificated Teacher 3 45 6 months
Preschool Non-Certificated Teacher 3 45 6 months

- Training is defined as a gathering where staff receive valuable awareness, application or refinement of a topic in accordance with Nebraska Early Childhood/School Age Core Competency Areas.

- College courses must be obtained from an accredited college/university with a passing grade in the following coursework areas: Administration/Business (Early Childhood/Education/Directors only), Early Childhood Education, Education (teacher preparation courses), Child/Youth Development, or Psychology.

- Unacceptable Trainings/Courses
  • Staff orientation or general staff meetings
  • Family Child Care Resources
  • Activity Books or cookbook/recipe books for independent Study
  • Coaching or mentoring training
  • Parenting training or resources
  • Directors are not allowed to qualify using CPR, First Aid, Food Handlers, Transportation, or Staff Orientation trainings
  • -   Individual (either a director or a teacher) selects trainings/courses to receive approval based on category (see chart above)
  • -   Individual completes and submits pre-service training plan in NECPRS (please allow up to 30 days for approval)
  • -   The contact person(s) listed will receive a confirmation email with the approved form
  • -   If approved, individual prints out pre-service plan and holds on to the document for their licensing specialist
  • -   If plan is not approved, please refer to the comments in the email and resubmit
Pre-Service Plan Instructions  
  • -   Click on “Start a New Pre-Service Training Plan”
  • -   The individual must have all information available when filling out the form online
  • -   All areas must be completed in order to process
  • -   After completing, click Submit
  • -   If changes need to be made to the plan after submitting, you must submit a new training plan

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